Yash Desai

Yash Desai is a contributor to Arbitror. Originally from India, Yash graduated from Lewis & Clark College in 2015 with honors in Economics and a minor in Mathematics. For his Economics thesis, Yash wrote about the impact of High-Frequency Trading on the efficiency of capital markets. He has also had the privilege of representing the graduating class of 2015 as their Student Commencement Speaker.  Yash currently works at an Oregon-based commodities trading firm as a trader in international sales. 

While at Lewis & Clark, Yash was able to complete several internships as he also worked towards his major. The summer of 2012, he interned at Siemens Financial Services, where he was tasked with introducing small-mid sized companies to Siemens’ asset-backed financing program. The summer after his Junior year, he worked at Aginsky Consulting Group (ACG), a Portland-based boutique investment advisory company that brought global capital into the U.S., primarily in the form of commercial real estate investments. At Lewis & Clark, Yash was closely involved with the Center for Entrepreneurship, and was part of a team selected to receive funding to incubate a Millennial-focused consulting firm. 

A few subject areas that Yash enjoys researching and thinking about are Financial Systems, Public Policy, Capital Markets, Behavioral Sciences, and Politics. In his free time, Yash enjoys reading non-fiction, working out, hanging out with friends, playing pool, exploring the Pacific Northwest, and attending to a kitten name Kanye.


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