Neil Rutherford

Neil Rutherford is a contributor to Arbitror.  Originally from Colorado, Neil graduated from Lewis & Clark College in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in international affairs and a minor in Chinese. For his thesis, he examined cooperation in three-player mutually antagonistic games. Neil has also lived in five different countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, China, Thailand, and Mongolia, and was proud to serve as the Lewis & Clark Third Culture Kids (TCK) Intern his senior year. Neil currently works at a start-up English tutoring company in Wuxi, China, and also leads professional development workshops for local English teachers.

Neil is interested in East Asian politics and military developments. In 2014, he interned at the Institute for the Study of War in Washington, DC, and helped launch the China research team there. Neil is also interested in the intersection of linguistics, policy, and psychology (fun fact: one of his favorite books is Orwell’s 1984). In his free time, Neil enjoys reading, making new friends, and trying to find any semblance of nature in the great concrete jungle of Eastern China.


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