Michaela K. Koke

Michaela K. Koke is a contributor to Arbitror. She recently graduated from Lewis & Clark College with Bachelors of Arts in International Affairs and Environmental Studies. She is currently an intern with the Merck Family Fund, a grantmaking foundation that funds nonprofits working on sustainability issues and strengthening urban communities. Beginning in the fall, she will be pursuing a Master's in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School. Michaela wants to be involved in environmental dispute resolution and has plans to eventually pursue a law degree. 

Michaela has spent her academic and professional career working on climate change policies and solutions. She also studies U.S.-China relations, spent a semester in Beijing in 2014 studying Chinese history and Mandarin, and wrote her thesis on China’s shift to becoming a global leader on climate change. She has also done extensive research on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Convention of the Parties (COPs), and the EU’s climate policy history.

Michaela is passionate about environmental issues and where they intersect with social justice. She is originally from Seattle, Washington and enjoys photography, playing outdoors, ultimate frisbee, and traveling. For snapshots of her life, check out her Instagram or for news on climate change and politics, follow her on Twitter.


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Photo:  Ellie Olistky