Matthew Wong

Matthew Wong is an editor and contributor to Arbitror. He is from Malaysia and graduated magna cum laude from Lewis & Clark College in 2016. He received his Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs with minors in economics and Chinese. He is currently a research intern at the East-West Center in Washington D.C. 

Matthew previously worked as research assistant to political science professor at Lewis & Clark, Dr. Leah Gilbert, where he researched civil society regulation in India. Additionally, he co-chaired the International Affairs Symposium--a major conference on international relations--in 2016 that was attended by David Ignatius, Max Boot, Thomas Wright and Andrew Natsios. He has previously lived and studied in Malaysia, India and China. 

Matthew has background and expertise in geopolitics and economic statecraft of the Asia-Pacific, specializing in U.S.-Southeast Asian relations, U.S.-Chinese relations and mega-regional trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. His thesis "Buttressing Territorial Claims: Explaining China's Territorial Dispute Escalations in the South China Sea in 2010 to 2014" was awarded with departmental honors in May 2016.

Matthew is passionate about conveying issues and analysis in very accessible ways. In his free time he enjoys running, playing tennis, reading and taking strolls in whichever city he finds himself in. 


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