Jordan Paul

Jordan is a contributor to Arbitror. He is a graduate of the University of Portland, where he earned his Bachelor's in political science with a minor in psychology. He will begin studying law at the University of Arizona in Fall 2017.

While at the University of Portland, Jordan was a awarded the Dundon-Berchtold fellowship with political science professor Dr. Jeffrey Meiser to conduct research in the area of political science and ethics. The focus of their research was the responsibility educators have when it comes to the actions of their students, specifically focusing on the United States government's education of foreign military officers.

Jordan specializes in American politics, public policy, and law. His thesis, "Rethinking, Repairing, and Reinvigorating the American Welfare State," tried to formulate practical solutions for fixing the welfare state in the United States, annoying both liberals and conservatives in the process. 

When he is not compulsively checking the news, Jordan spends his free time reading anything he can get his hands on, playing video games, writing, exploring the Pacific Northwest, and lamenting the current state of American politics.

You can read all of Jordan's occasional musings on politics and anything else that happens to interest him at the moment, all wrapped up in thinly veiled snark and occasional contempt, on Medium


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