James Janison

James Janison is a contributor to Arbitror. As a recent graduate of Brown University, James studied international relations with a focus on the political economy of the countries of the former Soviet Union. He is currently a financial researcher at Third Bridge, a research firm in New York City. He lives in Brooklyn, where he was born and raised.

James previously conducted fieldwork at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies for his undergraduate thesis on Georgian-Russian trade, in which he analyzed firm-level idiosyncracies in assessing Georgian companies’ risk outlook regarding the Russian market for export. He was also afforded funding for this research with support from the Watson Institute at Brown University.

James previously studied abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia, and speaks English, Russian, and a few words of Georgian. James has a background studying the politics of international trade and finance, with a focus on the political economy of financial crises and trade shocks. His current research interests include analyzing political and business elites and their effects on financial regulatory structures across countries.

James is passionate about fighting corruption, rent-seeking, and financial malfeasance internationally and is interested in discussing policy options and processes to make markets work effectively. In his free time, he likes to play Russian rock songs on the guitar and watch stand-up comedy.


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