Writing and Publishing Instructions

This is the official guide to writing and publishing with Arbitror. This guide will be continuously updated, so be sure to check back from time to time.

  1. Prior to writing your piece, be sure to approve your topic with one of the editors. They currently are Drake, Hannah, and Sophia. Be sure to check the Contributor Biographies page for an updated list of editors. This helps us to coordinate who is writing about what and to increase viewership.
  2. We edit pieces in Google Docs using the suggested edits tool, so either send your editor an article via Google Docs or they will put it there for you. That way you can see what changes we make, and if there's something you object to, you can let us know. We will take care of publishing your pieces for you on Squarespace, so don't worry about that.
  3. If you cite anything, please use ONLY hyperlinks to source your online material. If your sources are in print format, use MLA format--unfortunately, Squarespace doesn't have foot or end notes. Here's an example that uses both hyperlinks and print sources. Pro tip: use citations sparingly. Only include a citation if you use an explicit statistic, date, or quote from another piece. We trust you know what you're talking about, and so do our readers.
  4. For photos, be sure to use only photos that have a Creative Commons (CC) license. Look at the bottom of this article for an example. You can also use your own photography if it is high in both digital quality and aesthetic appeal. Here's a guide on how to use CC. Our editors typically take care of CC attribution, so all you really need to do is send your editor a link to the photo you want to use that also shows what kind of CC license it has.
  5. Add a disclaimer at the bottom of your article. The official article disclaimer is "The views reflected in this piece do not reflect the views of other Arbitror contributors or of Arbitror itself."
  6. Once it is published, we will publish your piece on our social media. We highly encourage you to post on your own social media as well. :)
  7. We recommend writers upload profile photos to their Squarespace accounts and a little blurb about who they are and what they do. This will show up on your article, giving your article greater legitimacy and adding more value to your byline. You can do this in Squarespace's backend settings. Ask Sophia for help if you're having troubles finding it.