Hannah Luzadder

Hannah Luzadder is Director of Networking, editor, and a contributor for Arbitror. She grew up in Evergreen, Colorado, and in 2016 she graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs. Hannah served as a legal assistant at a law firm in downtown Portland recently and is now traveling throughout Asia.

In fall 2015, Hannah spent a semester living and traveling in India for her first experience outside of the U.S., where she studied a variety of subjects. For her senior thesis project, she did research on reasons for the occurrence of rapid and drastic shifts in economic policy. She focused specifically on the wave of developing countries that liberalized their economies and joined the global market during the 1980s, using India’s decision to liberalize its economy in 1991 as a case study. 

Hannah’s academic passions lie in studying the nature of global order, globalization, and international systems development in the post-digital revolution era. She will begin pursuing either a law degree with a focus in international law, or a masters degree in international studies in the spring of 2018. In her spare time she likes to write, spin fire-poi, spend time rockhounding and camping in the pacific northwest, and is currently writing a book about festivals in human history as a long-term project.


You can find more of Hannah’s work at www.thebigsystems.com, occasional photos and videos of her life events on Instagram, or on Twitter: @HannahLuzadder.

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