Benjamin Beecroft

Benjamin Beecroft is a contributor to Arbitror. He is a recent graduate from Lewis & Clark College achieving a bachelors degree in International Affairs with a minor in Political Economy. His thesis, "Peering over the wall: China's escalation of a territorial dispute" received departmental honors in may of 2017.

At Lewis & Clark, Benjamin began working as a research assistant for a professor in the summer of 2016 and was given the privilege to continue on during the academic year and into the summer. His work focuses on Voluntary Sustainable Standard Setting Organizations, inequality and development, and regulating bodies such as the International Labor Organization. 

Benjamin specializes in U.S. foreign policy, NGOs, social interventions, and economic development. Being born in Hong Kong, having lived in the United Kingdom and the United States, and being raised by British and Canadian parents, Benjamin tries to bring his multicultural upbringing to his contributions.


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