Alex Kraemer

Alex Kraemer is an alumnus of Lewis & Clark College, where he earned an honors degree in history and has also received a second Bachelor of Arts in history at the University of Cambridge.

While a student at Lewis & Clark, Alex focused primarily upon Eastern and Central European history, 19th-century American history and British history. He wrote his honors thesis on Anglo-American relations during the early days of the Korean War, engaging in an analysis of British Cabinet minutes, American diplomatic cables, and reporting in the contemporary press. At Cambridge, he has focused his studies upon the imperialism in the Pacific Ocean during the Long 19th Century and the development of race as a concept during the Enlightenment and into the present day. Currently, he is writing a dissertation on the early pioneer experience in 1850s Oregon.

Alex spends his time in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, spending far too much time worrying about American politics.

Alex is no longer an active contributor at Arbitror, though his work remains available on the site. To contact him, click here.

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