Tolerance Policy

Stuff that is Tolerated

  • Politics from any part of the spectrum.
  • An expose on your religious or spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof); intellectual discussion of others' beliefs.
  • Perspectives on socioeconomic issues.
  • Intellectual and civil discussion on race, gender, privilege, and virtually any other topic.
  • Swearing, though keep it tasteful, friends. Think more Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and less South Park.
  • Thought-provoking, controversial, sassy, exciting writing that challenges others' world views and gives others' insight they previously didn't have.

Stuff that is Not

  • Telling someone that their political ideology is wrong or stupid just because you disagree with them. Foster honest dialogue with that person or try asking them questions instead.
  • Religious or areligious proselytizing (this includes you, Atheists).
  •  Bashing someone because they come from a different socioeconomic background.
  • Swear words that target a private individual. If you want to call Josef Stalin a rat bastard, be my guest.
  • Any language that discriminates against or demonizes someone because of their race, gender, religion, abilities, sexual orientation or other personal attributes.
  • Plagiarism, obviously. If you use a quote, statistic, or explicit date, please include a source. See the writing and publish instructions for how to cite stuff.

Graphic Content Warnings

If you discuss rape, torture, or other violent acts in a graphic way, please include the phrase "Warning: Contains Graphic Content" at the beginning of your article. These are topics that can and should be written about, but there is a right and wrong way of doing so.