Julian Strachan

Julian Strachan is the Director of Development, Editor, and a contributor to Arbitror. He is native of Maryland, but packed up and moved across the country in 2012 to attend Lewis & Clark College and play football. Despite finishing with a record of 5-31, Julian graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs.

Julian has explored several fields, including small business development and logistics. He has also successfully led logistics teams in multiple businesses and boosted performance at each position.

Julian has a background and expertise in U.S. foreign policy and security issues, both pertaining to U.S. and European security. He has a strong focus on languages and cultural outreach, speaking French and learning German. His interests lie predominantly in relating current policy issues within a historical context. He will be attending Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in the fall to pursue a Masters of International Relations with a concentration in Security Studies.

In his free time, Julian enjoys cheering on perennially losing sports teams, working overtime to pay back student loans, and having an unhealthy news obsession.

Follow him on Twitter here: @Julian_Strachan.


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